Collect vital data from your vehicle with our diagnostic app. Connects via a OBD2 device and deliver stats to your Smartphone or tablet. Detect errors and gather information to help you maintain the health and safety of your auto.

Concept Advisement

Have an idea for an app, but don’t know where to start? We can talk you through the process from idea to execution. Want a website built but aren’t sure if you need ecommerce capabilities? Let’s go over your options.


Mobile App Development

You have a plan, now you need someone to build it. No concept is too small, yet we specialize in manufacturing and industrial based applications. Available for both consumer and enterprise focused end users with cross platform implementation.

Website Development

You only get one chance to make a first impression. A well designed website will invoke a positive user experience, and increase their chances of coming back and purchasing your services or products. Make their encounter a memorable one.

Database Development

To build an effective database, you need to understand the data that the application will capture. From conceptual design with data modeling to indexing, stored procedures, & encryption, we’ll deliver a custom product to elevate and improve your business.

IoT Consulting

IoT is the concept of linking intelligence over networks between devices, including phones, cars, appliances, etc. to computers. The ability to integrate any “smart” machine to an enormous data field, which can be transformational for your business.